The range of machinery that Sim Lanka has to offer helps businesses to run smoothly and their machines to perform productively. These include the Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning equipment which enhances the usable life of oil and mechanical filters, by removing all types of particles such as metal, paper, wood, plastic and rubber. The Low Vacuum Dehydrator and Degassifier, an inexpensive automatic system that overcomes centrifuging’s drawbacks. The Centrifugal Oil Cleaners used in a wide range of Industrial Oil Cleaning applications, Coolant Filtration Systems used in the steel, automobile and bearing industries, Gear Box Oil Filtration Systems which effectively removes solid contamination from gear boxes, Online Particle Counters that provide a complete solution for pre-emptive maintenance and online monitoring with computer interface and trending software, and Moisture in Oil Sensor, a high quality sensor which allows for proper monitoring and therefore saves not only the oil but the environment as well.

Sim Lanka Engineering Customised Automation Solutions

We at Sim Lanka are not only capable of designing machines as per the customer’s requirements but also modifying existing automated systems to improve efficiency and functionality. We excel in industrial automation system design and implementation such as pneumatic and electronic based systems like liquid filling machines, pouch making machines, form fill seal machines, stick packing machines, cartoon erectors, over warping machines, yoghurt filling and sealing machines, customised conveyer systems, batch mixing machines, water jacketed mixing systems, load cell based batch control systems and more.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) installation

At Sim Lanka we also specialise in PLC reprogramming, replacing PLC for existing machines and renovating outdated machines with new PLC systems.
Installing VFD’s for any kind and any capacity of induction motors, or even synchronising existing motor control systems with new VFD’s is another area we specialise in.

Control Panel Design and Electronic Card Design

Sim Lanka design electronic control cards and printed circuit boards as per customer requirements. We also supply semi and fully auto, control panels for machines.