Sim Lanka manufactures/imports and distributes packing materials such as Aluminum foils, wrapping papers, laminated papers, plastic containers, universal PVC containers etc.

Two basic types

  • Rigid materials
  • Flexible materials

Rigid Packaging

Injection & blow moulded components made from HDPE /PP. Thermoformed & vacuum formed articles such as DISPENSER CUPS for coffee, tea, other drinking cups, TRAYS for biscuits & cakes. Print options upto 5/6 colors are available.


Flexible Materials

Sim Lanka caters to the diverse needs of the packaging industry by providing a wide range of products for general purpose & specialized usage. Given below are the major categories & application areas;

  • High dielectric strength, tensile strength films for cable core wrapping ( UL approved).
  • Plain and Printed Food Grade Approved Aluminium Foils for dairy industry, mineral water, fruit juice, medical packaging, tea industry, coffee industry, milk powder, etc.
  • Laminated and Printed Films
  • Polycoated Paper Products

Available in reel or die punched as desired by customer.


filmA very special film on which a partial metallising is done as per customized designs. It enhances the shelf appeal, retains to a large extent the barrier properties while at the same time ensuring product visibility.Specially coated, heat sealable, clear / metallised bopp / pet films with HOLOGRAPHIC embossing on the surface. These are suitable for print lamination as well as for over wrapping purposes. They also serve as a major deterrent to counterfeiters. Available in narrow & wide web widths.

Complete designing & mastering facilities are also available.