Working with Print and Paper of India we specialize in standard and custom made slitters
plastics (printed or unprinted), paper board (printed or unprinted). The slitters are available in narrow width and wider width. Slitters installed are in BOPP, Polyester manuafacturing lines. Machines are supplied standard and also come equipped with auto tension controls, web guiding system,etc as required by customer specifications. Installed over 300 slitters in the Indian subcontinent.

Sherman Treatment Units

topslitRepresented in several countries across the globe ” SHERMAN FILM TREATMENT PLANTS” are leaders in adhesion promotion. Ideally suited for wide & fast lines which are synonymous with todays flexible packaging & multi layered packaging materials.
Sherman treaters can also rebuild or refurbish your existing lines to improve productivity and performance.

Corona treatment stations for BOPP, BOPET and Cast films.
As adhesion specialists Sherman also provides Gas flame treatment where Corona treatment does not meet the requirements.




  • Higher treatment levels
  • Lower treatment decay rates
  • 100% gurantee against reverse side treatment
  • No pinholing
  • Reduced film composition changes.
  • No ozone, solvent , UV emissions.
  • Cost effective process.
  • No film odour.
  • Surface de contamination.


  • Wide & narrow web BOPP,PET,OPP
  • Co Extruded films
  • Extrusion Coatings
  • Metallisation
  • Metallic Foils
  • Web Perforation.
  • Combined gas & corona treatment stations also available.